Research Interests

Characterization extreme-event loading conditions for civil infrastructure systems

Dynamic contact/impact loads, barge impact loading on bridges, vehicle impact loading, blast loading, thermal loading

Numerical analysis of structural response

Finite element analysis, nonlinear dynamic structural analysis, contact/impact analysis, soil-structure interaction, buckling/bracing/stability analysis, thermal analysis

Numerical methods

Computational mechanics, algorithm development and implementation

Selected Research Projects

Project TitleSponsor*Status
Distribution Factors for Construction Loads and Girder Capacity EquationsFDOTActive
Determination of Barge Impact Probabilities for Bridge DesignFDOTActive
Determination of Barge Impact Loads for Miter Gates for Probabilistic Design and AnalysisUSACEActive
Development of Low-Order Dynamic Code Module for Barge Impact Load Prediction for Probabilistic Design and AnalysisUSACEActive
Scaling and Validation of Breakaway Connection for Multi-post Ground signsFDOTActive
Determination of Brace Forces Caused by Construction Loads and Wind Loads During Bridge ConstructionFDOTComplete
Determination of Barge Flotilla Impact Loads on Pile Founded Concrete Guide Walls & Development of a Unified Impact Load Prediction Model for Navigational StructuresUSACEComplete
Pendulum Impact Testing of Metallic, Non-metallic, and Hybrid Sign Posts (with H.R. Hamilton)FDOTActive
Validation and Implementation of Bridge Design Specifications for Barge Impact LoadingFDOTComplete
Determination of Multi-Barge Flotilla Impact Loads on Bullnose Structures and Flexible Timber Guide WallsUSACEComplete
Determination of Barge Flotilla Impact Forces on a Flexible Guidance StructureUSACEComplete
Pendulum Impact Testing of an Impact-Breakaway, Wind-Resistant Base Connection for Multi-Post Ground SignsFDOTComplete
Development of Finite Element Models for Studying Multi-Barge Flotilla ImpactUSACEComplete
Bridge Girder Drag Coefficients and Wind-Related Bracing Recommendations (with K.R. Gurley)FDOTComplete
Development And Support Of Dynamic Numerical Modeling Of Aberrant Rake Barges Impacting Hurricane Protection Structures Subjected To Forces From A Hurricane EnvironmentUSACEComplete
A Static Analysis Method For Barge-Impact Design Of Bridges With Consideration Of Dynamic AmplificationFDOTComplete
Experimental Validation of Bracing Recommendations for Long-Span Concrete Girders (with H.R. Hamilton)FDOTComplete
Characterization of Vessel Crushing Characteristics for Use in Bridge DesignFDOTComplete
Vessel Crushing And Structural Collapse Relationships For Bridge DesignFDOTComplete
Development of Improved Bridge Design Provisions for Barge Impact Loading (with M.C. McVay)FDOTComplete
Development of an Impact-Breakaway, Wind-Resistant Base Connection for Multi-Post Ground Signs (with R.A. Cook and H.R. Hamilton)FDOTComplete
Lateral Bracing of Long-Span Florida Bulb-Tee Girders (with H.R. Hamilton)FDOTComplete
Development of Low-Profile Barrier Features for Space Restrictive Applications (with R. Ellis and K.R. Gurley)FDOTComplete
Validation of Stresses Caused by Thermal Gradients in Segmental Concrete Bridges (with H.R. Hamilton)FDOTComplete
Development of Progressive Collapse Analysis MethodologyDTRAComplete
Development of Numerical Models for Studying the Performance of Blast Proof Window Systems (with H.R. Hamilton)AFRLComplete
Barge Impact Testing of the St. George Island Causeway Bridge Phase III : Physical Testing and Data Interpretation (with R. A. Cook, M.C. McVay)  FDOTComplete
Measurement and Prediction of Damage in High-Strength Concrete Due to Fire Induced Moisture MigrationNSFComplete
Development of Software for Computing Moment-Curvature Diagrams for Concrete SectionsFDOTComplete
Barge Impact Testing of the St. George Island Causeway Bridge Phase II : Design of Instrumentation Systems (with R. A. Cook, M.C. McVay)FDOTComplete
Temporary Low Profile Barrier for Roadside Safety, Phase II (with R.D. Ellis, K. Gurley)FDOTComplete
Barge Impact Testing of the St. George Island Causeway Bridge, Phase I : Feasibility Study (with R. A. Cook)FDOTComplete
Investigation of Improved Procedures and Technologies for Managing the Maintenance of Traffic through FDOT Work Zones (with R.D. Ellis, K. Gurley)FDOTComplete

AFRL = Air Force Research Laboratory
FDOT = Florida Department of Transportation
NSF = National Science Foundation
USACE = U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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